are gettingbetter."Well, I believe it's a crime for anyone

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1. THE CAPITAL L.--Compare in London (forged note) with the same letter in London in Wardlaw's letter.

are gettingbetter.

2. THE CAPITAL D.--Compare this letter in "Date" with the same letter in "Dearest."

are gettingbetter.

3. THE CAPITAL T.--Compare it in "Two" and "Tollemache."

are gettingbetter.

4. The word "To"; see "To pay," in forged note and third line of letter.

5. Small "o" formed with a loop in the up-stroke.

6. The manner of finishing the letter "v."

8. The imperfect formation of the small "a." This and the looped" o" run through the forged note and Arthur Wardlaw 's letter, and are habits entirely foreign to the style of John Wardlaw.

10. Ditto the "of" in connection.

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